Screw products (industrial fasteners)

We manufacture precision screws, self-tapping screws and various other cold forged parts and we lead the industry with a great range of manufacturing technologies. We propose the products with the optimal conditions to solve all kinds of issues.
[Major products]
Precision screws, TAPTITE serias、Loose-proof screws、 Special cold forget parts、 Screw manufactring tools

Automated assembly systems

The company also has many proven results in the building of large-scale lines and is the top manufacturer for screw fastening machine automation. We work together with the customers to build the optimal assembly methods.
[Major products]
Screw drivers、 Automatic screw driving machines、 Screw driving robots、 Automated assembly systems

Inspection Equipment

With our fluid measurement systems and various inspection and cleaning machines, we respond to the requirements of customers for quality improvement and a reduced burden on the environment.
[Major products]
Flowmeters、 Measuring, Instrumentation systems、 Inspection systems、 Micro-bubble washer